Cover Story - Denise Johns

Denise Johns is a nurse, entrepreneur, and now an author. She was born and raised in Long Island, New York from very humble beginnings. Growing up with struggle being very familiar, she did not let that discourage her. She has taken her past experiences and used them as motivation to strive for greater heights. With her compassionate heart she became a nurse at 18, helping and caring for countless patients throughout her career. With her ambition and drive she has been able to attain above average success in the network marketing industry, building a business that allowed her to travel to over 100 destinations world wide. With her strong faith in God she has been able to push through struggle and hardship, and has dedicated her life to personal growth and teaching others what she has learned along the way.

About The Journal

This is not a regular journal. It was actually created to guide you to learn intentional gratitude practice. You may be thinking to your self "I am already grateful!” I know me too; but it wasn’t until I started being really intentional and specific with focusing on gratitude that miracles started to happen for me. I noticed things that I have been wanting for years coming right to my finger tips, higher paying opportunities that were outside of normal range for my credentials, increase in my business ventures, and stronger relationships in my personal life. I found myself being more calm, patient, and happier overall. I created this journal to share my light. If I can teach just one person how to improve their life through gratitude I feel I would fulfill my mission; however if I can teach an infinite amount of people I feel I would fulfill Gods mission.

You never know who is waiting to hear your story. You never know how your story can impact someone else. So write that book! Start that business! Build that brand! Leave a footprint on this world!!

Read her full interview in our July/August issue.

You can also follow her on Instagram - @DeniseJohnsOfficial

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