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Celebrating Black Authors - We live in a diverse world with diverse readers. It's important for us to spotlight authors whose books reflect the truth and the world as it actually is. Stories that come from people with different life experiences only makes for richer stories in the end.

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April Blanding

My name is April Blanding, but I write under the pen name of Vogue. I was born in Greenville, South Carolina, but currently reside in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Since I can remember, I have always been a lover of creative writing. In the beginning, my passion was poetry but eventually grew into prose. I am a graduate of Winthrop University, possessing a bachelor’s degree in social work, and a graduate of Queens University, where I obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Writing for the screen. Aside from writing and being an avid reader, I also enjoy cooking, eating out, going to the movies, traveling, and attending concerts and festivals.

Maretta Johnson

I'm an advocate for the growth and healing of black and brown people. I am a determined, educated black woman who leans into adversity to generate change while educating the community. My inspiration is helping women and children. It is too common for them not to be allowed to grow and heal beyond the point of trauma. I am a product of the inner city and I understand the struggle one faces to overcome generational and personal traumas. It is hard to see so many people that look like me being forced to live through survival techniques.

Xavia Jones

I currently live in the Chicago area with my four children. My background is in business management, and I love creating business strategies for companies. Creating a strategy is much like developing a story. I have been writing all my life, but my first published book was created about ten years ago. I started as a children’s book author and now have moved into a different space in my writing-reflective of where life has taken me.

Jasmine Kearse

I have been a physician practicing psychiatry in metro Atlanta for several years. I completed my residency at one of the most extensive psychiatric facilities in N.J., returning to Atlanta to provide my expertise to a community that helped grow and nurture me as a physician. For many years before deciding to explore the private practice world, I worked as a high acuity inpatient psychiatrist in a local Atlanta psychiatric facility. This unique exposure allowed me to understand the management of mental health patients at their worst. My goal is to provide you with psychiatric treatment specifically catered to you as an individual. My motto is, "the only difference between those perceived to be functional and you are coping skills."

Gizaine Cajuste

I'm originally from Northwest Haiti, but I currently reside in Florida. I am married and have 4 children. I own and operate a clothing brand called SOLOSO, which caters to different charities. I enjoy giving back to my community! I have supported the causes of breast cancer, autism, and mental health. I plan to do more with God's help and guidance.

Sherri Harris

I am first a woman of God, a leader in my home and community, a powerful author, and a mother. My ultimate desire is to create change in my community, church, employment, and the lives of those in my circle.

Alan T. Black

I have experienced many twists and turns along the road of life. Every step along that road has led me to this point in life to humbly call myself an author. However, being able to say that I am a Christian author is most important to me. I am now able to show others that God will qualify you if you are a willing servant.

Felicia Russell

I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am a full-time teacher by day and an entrepreneur and author by night. I decided to write my book to encourage others with my brief struggles throughout my life of Becoming Her. These struggles helped me become the woman I am today with continuous growth. I know that someone needs to hear that another made it through and decided to Become Her and they can Become Her too.

Francine Houston

I am a writer that has been a lupus survivor. I have a bachelor's degree in communication design from College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I also have an associate degree in fashion design. From being a lupus survivor, I found out I struggle with self-care. So I wrote a self-care plan/guide that could help me and others who struggle with self-care.

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